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If you like your pool water on the cold side or on the hot side, you may wonder if there’s anything wrong with swimming in temperatures that some of your friends find to be a bit unusual. We tend to think that our comfort is the only factor in choosing the temperature. Everybody has their own “ideal” pool temperature.

Members who hire a babysitter may take two options, one option is that the children may bring the babysitter in and they have to pay the $5 guest fee, they may live within the 15 mile radius. The second option is that the members may purchase a nanny membership for their babysitter.

No running! It is way too easy for kids (and adults!) to slip and injure themselves. Or worse, fall into the pool and injure themselves. No diving! Without an experienced lifeguard on staff, it can be very dangerous to dive into a shared pool. It may be dangerous for other swimmers.

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